"It is a culture's duty to take care of its elderly."

About My Home Companion

We are locally owned and operated in Northern Virginia!

My Home Companion provides compassionate companionship for those needing help in their everyday activities or who just appreciate friendly company. Our certified, professional caregivers assist those in need to perform their daily activities while ensuring that the right amount of care is given at the right moment. Whether it is short-term part-time care or long-term full-time care, My Home Companion is there when you or your loved one needs us. 

For a free in-home consultation, call 1-833-AT-MY-HOME today!


Why Choose Us?

We're Local

My Home Companion is a Northern Virginia based company staffed with local people from around your community. From the Leadership Team to the part-time caregiver, everyone at My Home Companion is someone who lives and works among the clients we serve.

Better Caregivers

My Home Companion hires only the best caregivers possible and we are continually training them to be better. Each caregiver is certified by the state, has completed a background check, and is fully bonded. Each caregiver is monitored and evaluated - and part of that evaluation is from YOU!

Connected 24/7

My Home Companion uses state of the art technology that allows us to effectively manage our Caregivers ensuring that optimum and timely care and companionship is being delivered. We have 24/7 on-call staff to ensure your loved one is always taken care of. Our services also include a Family Room portal allowing family members web access to know exactly what is going on in the home.

Custom Care

My Home Companion focuses on the needs of your loved one and tailors a program to benefit them. Whether it is short-term part-time care or long-term full-time care, My Home Companion provides the same quality of service from responsible, certified, professional caregivers whose only interest is to provide the best possible experience for your loved one.

Flexible Financial Options

My Home Companion has financial options. You choose the right payment method for you. Whether you choose a contract with My Home Companion for long-term full-time care or pay-as-you-go for short-term part-time care, My Home Companion works with you to ensure that the model is correct for your situation.